Its a lifestyle, not a hobby


For the duration of my adult life, and some of my teenage years, I have worked as a fishing and hunting guide in some capacity. I have been incredibly fortunate to work all over the world in some of the most remote and inhospitable conditions one can imagine. I still enjoy it but, there is something to be said for a civilized fishing adventure. 

Now days, I only guide fishing in what I consider to be my favorite places. Bristol Bay Alaska, Patagonia Chile and Southern Appalachia. Each place has its own unique and special quality. It gives me happiness to be able to share those qualities with others. This website represents the places I currently work and the outfitters I currently work for. 

I am a one man show working as many days a year as I can, somewhere. Feel free to send me an email to schedule a trip consultation. Consultations are no charge and you never know the answers to the questions if you don't ask. I look forward to discussing your next fishing adventure!!!

My Partners/Sponsors

Deneki Outdoors - Rapids Camp Lodge - Bristol Bay - Alaska
UpScape Travel - Jeinimeni Outpost Patagonia Chile
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